Australian Visitor Visa

Travelling to Australia can be for a variety of reasons, from visiting family and friends to scouting for job opportunities in the country. Whatever your purpose, Australia mandates that all visitors to its territory apply for a visa. A visa is an endorsement from a particular country allowing the individual to visit or reside in the country for a specified period of time for a specific purpose.

Visitor visa (subclass 600)

This visa is for people travelling to Australia:

  • As a tourist
  • For business visitor activities
  • To see family

Medical Treatment Visa (Subclass 602):

For medical treatment or consultations.

To support someone needing medical treatment who holds or has applied for this visa.

To donate an organ.

Special Program Visa (Subclass 416):

Usually, this visa is sought in case of special programs where an approved special program sponsor has sent an invitation to participate in a specifically approved program. The purpose is to enhance international relations and cultural exchange between Australian community and the world at large.

In addition to the Special Program, the Special Program visa (subclass 416) has another stream called Seasonal Worker Program.

Documents for Visitor Visa

  • Evidence of sufficient funds, such as personal bank statements, pay slips, audited accounts, taxation records or credit card limit.
  • If you are visiting relatives or friends, a letter of invitation from your relative or friend in Australia. If your relative or friend is paying for your visit, evidence that they have the necessary funds.
  • If you are visiting under the Tourist stream: Your itinerary for your stay in Australia.

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