Health Insurance FAQ ?

  • Q: Why should I buy Visitor insurance? Do I really need it?
  • Q: Is the insurance premium refundable if my parents return home earlier than one year?
  • Q: Can I purchase a policy for my family members who are planning to come for a visit?
  • Q: What does Overseas Student Health Cover mean?
  • Q: Why do I need any insurance?

Medical care in the USA is extremely costly and as a result, traveling abroad without medical insurance could be very expensive should any illnesses, accidents or any other health related problems arise. Purchasing visitors insurance is the best way to protect yourself from financial burden as well as provide you with overall peace of mind throughout your travels.

A: That depends. Buying a visitors to Canada policy for 365 days is a super visa application requirement and must be paid for in full at the time of purchase. If the visa is not issued, or for some other reason the parent(s) decide not to come to Canada, they can cancel the policy and get a 100% refund. The insurance policy won't start until the departure date. If the departure dates end up being different than those stated on the insurance policy, you can contact us through email or over the phone to have the dates on the policy changed to the exact departure dates.

Many parents will come to visit for less than a year on their first visit, so being able to obtain a refund for the unused portion of their policy is an important consideration. Normally, the lower the deductible the better. However, if the 12 month policy costs $2000, and the visitor returns home after 6 months, then about $1000 will be refunded as long as no claim has been made on the policy. A policy with a $zero deductible (where the insurance immediately pays all eligible expenses), will cost more - but even if a small claim (ie. visit to a medical clinic) could be filed in the first six months, you may not want to file because the $1000 refund would be lost. So, it may be better to use a higher deductible to lower policy cost (by 20% or more) and pay any small expenses to keep the expected refund valid.

Almost all the policies offered here at BestQuote are partially refundable. The exception is the 'Annual Visitors to Canada' plan offered by GMS Insurnace which allows policy holders to return to their home country for a quick 'trip break' without the policy ending. So after 7 months if the parent returns home for two weeks, they can come back to Canada on the same policy, which would have 4 1/2 months remaining. GMS also offers their other visitors to Canada plan that is partially refundable, but no trip break is permitted. If a parent returns home on that plan, the policy will end, and they would need to buy another 365 day policy before returning to Canada.

A: Yes. Anyone can purchase a visitors insurance policy on behalf of someone coming to Canada. In fact, you should know that if a person is coming to Canada and you have sponsored their stay, you will be responsible for their medical bills if they cannot pay for them. So even if they don't want to pay for higher coverage, you might want to buy it for them anyway.
A: If you are an International student in Australia, you will need an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of stay in Australia. This cover will help you gain access to healthcare services, medical aid, hospitals, and such, whenever you need - in case of a medical emergency or lack thereof.
A: Travel health insurance protects you against large financial setbacks due to medical emergencies. No advisor would be doing you a favor to advise you to travel without travel health insurance. Without travel insurance, a broken leg or the flu could turn into a substantial medical bill, especially in the U.S., but elsewhere too. Without travel insurance, you expose yourself to unlimited financial risk. Travel insurance will also cover items which regular health insurance will not, such as incidental hospital expenses, out-of pocket costs of accomodation and meals while a travel companion is in hospital, returning your vehicle homw when you can't, flying you home for (better) medical attention and more. You can get a plan that protects you in the event of family emergencies (that cause you to cancel or interrupt your vacation), delays, theft and last-minute plan changes happen once and a while to all travelers.