New Zealand Family visa

If you have a family member who has a New Zealand citizenship or a permanent residence, then they can sponsor you if you are any of the following groups:


Under this group, a New Zealand citizen can sponsor his/her partner to come and live in New Zealand.

  • you must not have supported or sponsored more than one successful applicant previously under the Partner Sponsorship
  • has not sponsored another successful applicant under the Partner Sponsorship within the last five years of this application

Dependent Child:

If you are in New Zealand, then you can easily sponsor your dependent child under this group

A lawful and permanent resident of New Zealand can sponsor a dependent child under the Family Category.

Eligibility Requirements

The child must be

  • 16 years or younger or
  • 17-24 years, must be single with no dependent children themselves And
  • the child must have been born or adopted before the parents applied for residence to New Zealand and declared on parent residence application, or
  • be born after the parents residence application, or
  • were adopted as recognized by New Zealand law And
  • the child needs to be of good health and good character
  • be dependent or substantially dependent on an adult for financial support

  • Parent:

    If you are New Zealand citizen, and wish to invite your parents to live with you in New Zealand, then you can sponsor them under the parent group under the New Zealand Family Visa category.

    To Sponsor a Parent or Guardian

    An eligible New Zealand citizen can sponsor his/her parents or guardian by meeting the following conditions.

    Eligibility Requirements

1) be at least 17 years old

2) live in New Zealand as a New Zealand or Australian citizen, or

3) live in New Zealand and be the holder of a Residence Visa, or a returning Residents Visa, for at least three years before the application (at least 184 days within each 12 months of the three year period must have been spent living in New Zealand)

4) demonstrate that you will be able to provide financial support and accommodation for at least the first 24 months of your parents being resident in New Zealand

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